Habits Form Us.

Habits Define Us.

Each of us is a creature of many habits we've built during our lifetime. Some are good, others are bad. It is the same for all of us. Fortunately habits are changeable, just like attitudes. But no one can change them for us. Habits are the one thing we will own our entire lives. We control them!

If you want to improve your life, habits must change. But, one word of advice: Focus on strengths rather than weaknesses. You will see much faster growth, and it will be easy and fun.

Focusing on a negative habit, when it comes to really improving our lives financially, spiritually and mentally, seldom works.

When we focus on our strengths, many of our weaknesses disappear.

Positive Input EverydayA key strength of the PIE program is its stark simplicity. Help People's PIE (Positive Input Everyday) presupposes scientific fact; human behavior is controlled by positive or negative input reaching one's mind.

PIE delivers positive information daily to each employee, targeted at personal and productive growth. The results are seen in the Testimonials and Seminar Results.

When a company provides PIE for its employees, individuals see growth in their lives, both at work and at home. They are grateful to the company for making PIE available to them. (See Testimonials) This is reflected in attitudes toward managers. It creates a new and exciting culture. The individual experiences personal growth; the company realizes less turnover, absenteeism, and complaining. It makes a manager's job much easier, while the company benefits with greater productivity that builds an improved bottom line.

Jon Heath:

"Help People changed my life completely. No one ever taught me how attitudes affect everything we do, and how easy it is to have the right attitude."

It works the same for managers and hourly employees. The result is better communication, consistent customer service, more sales and repeat business, and a better work environment. Owners, shareholders, managers, employees, clients and customers benefit.

Unlike the "seminar" approach -- you know, the one that wears off by Tuesday morning -- the PIE program features 30 days of daily follow-up with brief daily assignments to complete. It's almost like 30 days of life coaching for each participant. The concepts of the PIE Program are simple, and we all know they are "good ideas." Taking them from "good ideas" to "that's just how it is here" is the trick, and the program has been achieving that for 30 years.

But can such an apparently simple concept really produce meaningful results?

> Find Out!

How It Works

1. Register for the PIE Program.
2. Watch the introductory video.
3. Log onto the private P.I.E. Program Forum.
4. Do the daily assignments you receive on the Forum.
5. Participate in the PIE Program Forum each day.

The PIE Program lasts 30 days. You can do the assignments anywhere. Doing the daily assignment and participating in the Forum is a matter of minutes per day. It's fun, it's fast, and it produces results. Now, stop waiting and start changing your life and the lives around you.

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